Tailor-made smart lighting
can strengthen your health

Light is nature’s vitamin, and it is essential for our health andwell-being. New lighting sources based on smart technology recreate daylight, so that you are exposed to the light that ensures good sleep and great energy throughout the day – even in the darkest winter months.

It is the body’s internal clock that regulates whether we feel fresh and well-rested or sleepy and ready to fall into a deep sleep. It is known as the “circadian rhythm”, and in order for our inner clock to be accurate, we need the correct amount of light at all times of the day.

Our circadian rhythm is adjusted by the light that hits our eye. When light hits the eye, it tells the brain what time of day it is. Bluish light makes us awake, orange-yellow light makes us sleepy. Optimally, we should be awakened by gentle light slowly increasing until we are ready to face the bluish light. If we get too little light in the morning, it affects our energy level in the afternoon.

In the evening, on the other hand, the light should prepare us for sleep by turning down into orange-yellow tones. If we stare at the blue light of the cell phone before going to sleep, the body is confused, and it affects both our ability to fall asleep and the actual night’s sleep.

The right circadian rhythm light is thus a light that changes color and intensity during the day.

Patients recover faster
with the right light

It is not only energy levels and sleep that are affected by the body’s internal clock. It is also blood pressure and metabolism, hormone levels and blood sugar, heart rate, temperature and mood. “In the winter, we spend 90% of the day indoors. The consequence is that we get virtually no natural light, which causes biological changes in the brain. It affects us in different ways, but most people recognize the feeling of low energy.

In addition to imitating the circadian rhythm of nature, the lighting sources from Nordic Smartlight can be programmed so that they switch on and off at certain times scaring away potential intruders.

 1-1.5 hours before bedtime, you should prepare your body for sleep with the right orange-yellow light that starts the natural melatonin production.

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